DL Images - offers state-of-the-art equipment and a talented, experienced staff to handle all your video production needs from concept to completion or any where in between.

Location - With two complete Ikegami Betacam SP packages, Lectrosonics wireless, tram mics, Neumann & Sennheiser booms, Shure mixers and lights by Arri, Mole-Richardson and Lowell, DL Images is always ready to hit the road. We travel light and we travel quickly. Around the Hoosier state; around the Midwest. To 44 states. (Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho & Alaska---give us a call). To Mexico, to 9 Caribbean Islands and to Germany, Italy & Great Britain. And all those times, the only place we came close to death was St. Lucia…something about 240 power. (And it really wasn’t the DL crew, just our producer Terry O’Brien of RCI. So it didn’t really matter)

Did we mention the Panasonic DVX 100A mini DV? Or the QTV flat screen teleprompter? Consider them mentioned.

Get us out of the office---call 317-388-8888. That’s 317-3TV-TVTV.

Studio - Our offices include an 1800 square foot studio, with a hard curved cyc wall 25’ x 39’. There is a catwalk behind one wall, a 12’ x 10’ garage door entrance, and 600 amp, 3 phase electrical service with cam-lock tie in. The lighting grid is at at 14’ 3”. The studio has been sprayed with sound absorption material. A kitchen, dressing room and lunch area adjoin the studio. AND the studio is available for rent.

Remember that number 317-388-8888

Edit - Two AVID suites are where all the real action happens. A Media Composer 1000 and a Media Composer Adrenaline, with a terabyte of storage. Lots of room, so everything can go in uncompressed. 3-D tools, plus Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Ultimatte. And a nice big soft sofa. If you need more than that, you’re too sophisticated for us.

Don’t like to use the phone? E-mail lee@dlimages.com



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